The Staff

Eric Dixon
Youth Athletic Coach | Strength & Conditioning Trainer
Coach Dixon is a Certified Olympic Level Youth and Adult Athletic Coach who feels athletic development is important for our youth, not just for sports but also in general fitness. His coaching philosophy is “Fit for Life!” He feels it is important to have a good foundation in basic physical movement and development. This also applies on the psychological side of staying healthy. The more you enjoyed your youth sports experience the greater the chances are you will stay healthy for life. Coach Dixon also does talks as a Domestic Violence and Child Abuse survivor. When possible, he used sports as an outlet to deal with his abusive upbringing.
Qualifications & Education
  • Certified Olympic Level Youth and Adult Athletic Coach
  • World Athletics Level 5 Academy Elite Coach
  • USATF Level 3 Coach / USATF Level 2 Youth Coach
  • Strength & Conditioning Coach (ISSA, USTFCCCA/NCAA) Specialty Areas
  • Youth Sports Development
  • USATF & Nike Coaches Education Instructor
  • Sports Specific Strength & Condition Training
  • Track and Field Coach
Desiree Marten
Personal Trainer
Fitness & Wellness Manager
Desiree believes that functional workouts improve overall quality of life. She understands there is more to health than just physical activity and believes your lifestyle has to be enjoyable. She wants you to know that there will be setbacks, rest is just as important, and perfection is overrated. Overall, she wants to help you focus on the first step, the small steps, and the attainable steps to a wide range of goals from athletes to seniors to novice exercisers. She was raised in Antigo, WI and enjoys playing a variety of sports, spending time with her family, traveling, hunting, fishing, and food!
Qualifications & Education
  • B.S. Kinesiology at UW-Milwaukee
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer (National Academy of Sports Medicine)
Travis Thelen
Personal Trainer
Assistant Fitness & Wellness Manager
Travis is a powwow dancer, a Native American Indigenous Games coach, and former cross-country coach. He believes our body, our energy, and our mind are the sources of life within us. Our body is the temple, it is our given structure. Our mind is the current flowing through our body and the nerves we use daily. The energy or Qi Gong is the life force.
Qualifications & Education
  • ASFA (American Sports & Fitness Association)
  • Tai Chi Certification
  • Krav Maga - Level 1 
Anna Schmude
Personal Trainer
Fitness Specialist
Anna believes the body is designed to move and to be strong. For one to achieve true health, and wellness, one must learn to balance between mind and body. By strengthening these, we strengthen our greatest weapons; our mind by learning, our bodies by moving. Anna is currently working towards her certification in Sports Nutrition and has a background in holistic nutrition. She enjoys taking on new challenges and helping others achieve their goals. She is passionate in equipping individuals with the knowledge, and tools necessary for one to meet their desired changes. Anna wants you to know that exercise should be an enjoyable part of life and should fit your own unique lifestyle. Anna trains in Mixed Martial Arts and likes to stay active doing things outdoors such as hunting, fishing, gardening, and foraging for wild edibles. 
Qualifications & Education
  • Certified Personal Trainer (NASM - National Academy of Sports Medicine)
Nick Heimmermann
Personal Trainer
Fitness Specialist
Nick could be considered a throwback to yesteryear. He began lifting weights in his barn using tire rims as weights. He made it a career. Going from La Crosse to Ohio State to Crandon, with many stops in-between. He believes in K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Simon). Most people do too much when exercising which leads to killer number one, inconsistency. Regular and consistent exercise leads to progress. Fundamental exercise and major muscle groups should be the target for most people.
Qualifications & Education
  • M.A. Exercise Physiology at Ohio State University
  • B.S. Physical Education at UW-La Crosse
  • NASM Certified Personal Trainer